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About Wharton Asia Exchange

WAX is a pre-professional community for students keen on Asia's business landscape, aiming to develop business skills and learn about Asian culture, markets, and professional opportunities. It fosters knowledge exchange, trust, and a more integrated global business environment.

Our Approach

At Wharton Asia Exchange, our mission is to provide a platform for students to explore and engage with Asia's dynamic business landscape. We believe in developing business skills and cultural awareness to foster a more integrated global business environment. Our history is rooted in a passion for knowledge exchange and trust-building, and we continue to strive towards those values in everything we do. Our community is made up of driven individuals who are committed to personal and professional growth, and we provide opportunities for them to connect with like-minded peers and industry professionals.

Our Values


Our first priority is to be a developmental resource for our members. Rather than hosting general body meetings out of obligation, we strive to make every meeting we have purposeful and design events so that members leave having learned something new. Many of our GBMs also serve as workshops. Last spring, we invited 2 student founders to speak about their startups and how to get involved entrepreneurship at Penn. In addition, we run biweekly investment workshops to teach students about finance through our Wharton Asia Investments program.


We have hosted Wharton Diversity and Inclusion events and invited Asian speakers to offer advice on issues that are more pertinent to Asian people. We are the one of the few clubs that covers Pan-Asian issues, rather than focusing on one specific area to make everyone feel welcome. In addition, at Penn, there is pressure to conform to a relatively narrow career path. In order to broaden the scope of our students, we work to invite speakers from nontraditional backgrounds including retail, entertainment, hospitality, and entrepreneurship.


It's easy to feel lost in a large club. As a result, WAX organizes family groups and smaller social events to make people feel connected. In our GBM: WAX Around the World, we had committee members cook a dish from their culture to share with the club. We ended with a spread of Malaysian Laksa, Thai omelets, and Lebanese yogurt. People were able to share and appreciate each other's backgrounds.

Club Traditions

About Us

At Wharton Asia Exchange, we are proud to partner with leading organizations in the field of Asian business. Our partnerships allow us to provide our members with unique opportunities to learn from and engage with professionals who are shaping the future of the industry. We believe that collaboration is key to success, and we are committed to building strong relationships with our partners to achieve our shared goals.

Our Past Partnerships

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